My name is Ashley,

I have been at the clinic for 3 years. I graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Broadview University (formerly known as Globe University) with an Associate of Applied Science. I have always known I wanted to work with animals. I grew up on a hobby farm in Stephenson with pigs, sheep, rabbits, and a whole lot of barn cats. I loved helping my aunt and uncle who lived next to us with their Texas Longhorns. 

I am married to my wonderful husband Travis, and we have a household full of wonderful pets. Bentley is our oldest of the bunch he is a lab/springer mix. We have 2 wild Pembroke Welch Corgis Winston and Pasty. They definitely keep us on our toes! We have 3 kitties Malibu, Kahlua, and Topo Chico (Shitten). Shitten was brought to our house on September 19th, 2022, he still had his umbilical cord. He couldn’t have been more than a day old. I had to bottle-feed him every two hours. He was a lot of hard work! There were a lot of long nights. Now he is a crazy kitten who terrorizes everyone in the household. Winston and Shitten are best friends. I have never seen a cat and dog play as they do! All 6 of our pets bring so much joy into our lives! 

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, friends, and pets. I love watching sports from professional to local leagues to my friend’s kids. I love going to professional games any chance I can get. I cheer for the Dallas Cowboys, the Detroit Redwings, and the Detroit Tigers. Travis and I enjoy going to the offroad races, all the local fairs, and kayaking with our friends! 

When I started at the clinic 3 years ago, I never imagined that everyone here would treat me like family. Emily and I recently purchased the practice at the beginning of 2023. We could not be more excited to see where this adventure takes us! I am forever grateful for our Powers Veterinary Clinic family!


I grew up in Menominee and met Larry at Michigan State University before he was a doctor. We moved back to the UP and started the clinic in Hermansville in 1987. We raised four fantastic children here and are now enjoying our two grandchildren, three beautiful cats, gardening, and being outdoors. We’re looking forward to retirement and more travel!

Kitty Meow

I’d never told anyone where I was before I came to Emily’s house. She took me to the clinic and the rest is history! I sleep in the sun and beg love from all the pet people that come in to see me, dance on keyboards, and make sure everyone is working. Catnip, toys, and my personal staff- I like it here! But don’t try to pet my belly I do not like that very much!

Dr. King

Originally from Big Rapids, Michigan, Larry became interested in Veterinary medicine while working on a dairy farm after high school.   He came to Menominee County – the “Upper Michigan Dairy Capital” in 1987.  He and Caroline raised their family with the clinic right in the house in Hermansville.  Fun days!  Now approaching retirement and looking forward to the next steps.

I’m Cortney, 

A Yooper farm girl that loves animals, camping, skiing, hiking, biking, farming, and gardening. I have two cats, Butterball who is an orange fluff ball, and Basil who is very playful! I share three border collies with my family. Mandi is our sweet mamma; Tucker is our speedy boy and Wilma is our happy-go-lucky girl. 

I am a graduate of MATC as a Veterinary Technician. I joined the Powers Veterinary Clinic team in June of 2022 and I’m glad to be part of the team!


As the eldest child of Dr. King and Caroline, I’ve been involved in veterinary medicine in some fashion throughout my entire life.  As a young girl, I would take on janitorial jobs and assist in kennel care.  I would often accompany my dad out to the area farms and loved to play with all the barn kittens. As I got older, I took my turn as a veterinary assistant but realized that I truly enjoy the business side of the practice and shifted roles again to become the practice manager/receptionist.  

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our two children, and our small zoo of pets.  We have our dog Juno and our three cats: Mittens, Jim, and Pete.  We also have two rabbits and a whole flock of chickens.  My hobbies are reading, gardening, and fishing. 


I am a born and raised Yooper! I live in Wilson with my husband, kiddos, cats, dogs, and chickens. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from NMU in 2011 and started working in the veterinary field for Dr. Kathy Lane in 2012. I worked for Dr. Lane as her assistant for 6 years until her untimely passing in 2018 from breast cancer. After which I worked at Bay Vet Clinic for 3 years, when Ashley asked if I would consider coming to work with her at Powers Vet Clinic. I had worked with Ashley briefly when working for Dr. Lane and I was excited to work with her again! I love what I do and enjoy the people I work with, I love the family atmosphere we have created here.  



My name is Brenda Curran. My husband Al and I have a home here in powers. I have four kids and four grandchildren that bring us so much joy! I grew up in Wilson, where I discovered my love for animals big or small. We have two dogs Cecie who is 10 and Gracie who is 2. They sure know how to keep us smiling! I joined the Powers Veterinary Clinic in June of 2023, and I am so happy I did! I am very pleased to ay, ” I am happy to be a part of this amazing team!” The atmosphere here is fun, loving and kind!