Periodontal disease affects approximately 85% of pets over the age of four. Dental disease is often a silent killer and many pet owners do not realize when their pets are suffering from it. Not only can dental disease cause pain, eating problems, and tooth loss, but as it progresses bacteria can also spread to the kidneys, liver, and heart and cause severe organ disease.

It’s important to start your pets on dental hygiene routines when your pets are still young. Routine dental cleanings at Powers Veterinary Clinic should be done in conjunction with daily at-home care, like toothbrushing. Caring for your pet’s teeth improves your pet’s longevity and quality of life.

Our dental care services for dogs and cats include:

  • Annual oral health assessments 
  • Routine dental cleanings
  • Polishing
  • Extractions
  • Treatment of periodontal disease

Dental Cleanings

During your pets’ dental cleanings, we use up-to-date anesthesia and monitoring equipment. We also use pet-safe heat to maintain your pets’ body temperature during and after the procedure.

If needed, we can provide postoperative pain management. Your veterinarian may recommend medications depending on the amount of dental care your pet needed to be done. These may be needed if your pet had teeth extracted, for example.

At-Home Dental Care

Our veterinary staff can help you start at-home dental care routines for your pets. It’s best to start brushing your pets’ teeth daily when they are still young, as it is easier for them to get used to the process when they’re introduced to it early.

There are numerous types of pet food that encourage dental health as well. Ask your vet for dietary recommendations based on all your pets’ health needs.

If you have questions or your pet needs dental care, call us at 906-498-2239.