Rodney Meshigaud

Very nice ladies, amazing service and professional help! Appreciated the tips they gave me, and medicine for my dog. Recommend here for all vet needs!

Beth Bertolini

My female pitbull needed shots. The women who checked her out were at ease with her and she didn’t even notice when she got poked. They inquired about and checked her ears which have had problems on the past. Very thorough and compassionate with a high strung dog. Great visit!

Steven Krupski

Excellent and affordable. Handles common pets , does not handle exotic pets. Staff is friendly and organized. Visits are fast and to the point. Did a great job even dealing with my semi feral kitty.

Michelle Glatus

They were excellent with my puppy and their prices are very reasonable.

Kelly Martz

Very friendly and kind to our fur babies

Sandy Sheaffer

I needed urgent care for my dog and they took care of it right away. Very friendly staff.

Amberle Foreman

Wonderful staff. A little off the beaten trail but the way they treated me and my beloved for baby in his final moments made it worth the drive from Escanaba.

Kimberly Goneau

The best vet around. Affordable and most of all very caring. Wonderful staff.

Mandey Sauer

They were so good to my boys and the price was very reasonable, much cheaper than anywhere else in the area.

Becky Branstrom

Friendly service and trusted with my animals

Good prices


We are back from the vet. The good news is kitty is doing OK. He (confirmed by the vet) has a bit of road rash on his face and front paws. But nothing seems broken or otherwise concerning. He does have fleas so we started him on some flea medication and gave him his rabies and distemper shots, just in case.

The bad news is that he was not microchipped. So, I’m going to need some help finding his family. He was found on D Road in Bark River by Teals Automotive. He is very loving and friendly and big! 11 pounds! I will post in other Facebook groups, as well.

For the time being, since we needed a name for the vet’s office, I am calling him Road Rash. 🙂

A huge shout out to Powers Vet Clinic for taking us so quickly this morning to make sure he was all right. You guys are amazing and that’s the reason I bring all my animals to you for their care.